Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tidbit: Salt-free herb blends

A client at the Diabetes Center where I work was telling me about the new McCormick herb blend called "Perfect Pinch". She says she likes it better than Mrs. Dash (another salt-free herb and spice blend). She said that when using Mrs. Dash, she finds she needs to use a little salt too. She found that this new seasoning did not require extra salt to taste "just right".

I really enjoy herb blends and probably have more in my cupboard than I can hope to use, but I had to go pick up this new blend to give it a try. I remembered Mrs. B told me she prefers the "original" version, so I picked up an original (for chicken), and a savory all-purpose version.

Oops. The joke is on me. I guess the Original version needs to say "salt free", because in the one I bought, the first ingredient listed (in teeny tiny 6 or 7 point type) is salt (I wondered why it tasted salty!)  Yes, there is such a thing as Original Salt Free seasoning according to the web site, but my store was out of it.

Bottom line: If you are seeking herb blends, don't assume that they are salt-free; double-check the ingredient list.

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