Monday, March 5, 2012

Q & A: Baby carrots need TLC

Q.     I buy baby carrots and like the freedom they give me...I pick one up and munch without having to stop and peel.  Anyway, I notice after a while they get dry and have a white coating on them.  I'm assuming this is not good and I should not eat them.  Thought you might be able to give me guidance and tell me how to store carrots so they don't go bad.  I have put them in a "green" bag and that does seem to help a little.  Any suggestions? How do you keep carrots moist?  If I put them in a bowl of water...well sometimes I forget and they get slimy.  So what do you recommend is the best way to keep carrots? C.D. Grand Rapids

A.       The “white stuff” on the carrots shows up when they dry out (like dry skin), but they are safe to eat, just not very appealing.
If, despite your best efforts,  you end up with dry carrots, put them in water a few minutes to rehydrate them, then drain and re-bag them, and eat within a few days.
       Use the “enjoy by” date as a guide. Remember, carrots aren’t going to last forever! If they need using, grate them for a salad or for a muffin add-in, or slice them and add to soup.


West Michigan Quilter said...

Thanks Vicky. I'll be able to save some money now instead of throwing those out. And...I'll be sure and watch those "enjoy by" dates.

tink's mom said...

I'm here because Carroll at West Michigan Quilter suggested that this would be a good blog to follow.

So far I'm liken what I see. I think I'll follow too.

JDBenntt said...

We eat with our eyes, it's amazing what looks bad "usually" is really still quite good.