Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tidbits: Setting up your Environment for Weight Control Success

I have noticed a pattern this summer with many of my nutrition counseling clients. Many are “stuck” in their weight loss efforts.

Usually, summer is the easiest time to make a dent in your weight, because the weather (at least in Michigan) is so nice.  It’s easy to be outside and be more active. Also, there are a lot more fruits and vegetables in season and they are usually very tasty.

So what seems to be getting people stuck? Here’s what they have been telling me:
  •  Invited to too many Potlucks
  •  Invited to too many Graduations
  •  Lots of Weddings to attend
  •  Have to keep Ice cream in the freezer “for the kids”
  •  Having company over for an extended time (so there’s lots of eating out and extra snacks and goodies that you normally don’t keep around)
  •  Kids home from college (ditto for having to keep more food and more goodies available for all the eaters)

Do you see a pattern here? It boils down to external control over your eating vs. you being in control.  Just because you are invited to a party or event does not mean you have to eat like it’s your last meal!

Here are just a few things to help you reframe your thinking about all these excuses for not losing weight this summer:
  • If you have company over, why not invite them to come along on your walk around the neighborhood? If they decline, don’t feel guilty, just take your walk like you planned and you’ll be on track.
  • Why not keep healthy food in the fridge for the company and the kids? Have some fresh cubed melon and berries ready to go, or just pieces of fruit (peaches, plums, grapes, etc.)
  • If you hate to prep raw vegetables but love to eat them, why not buy a ready-to-go veggie tray?  If you have lots of eaters in the house, it will get eaten.  I have no problem with having dip to go with the veggies, but maybe get the light kind this time.
  • Don’t keep calorie-containing beverages in the fridge. Have plenty of ice and water available, but “forget” to buy the soda pop, the fruit punch and juices.
  • If you’re going to a potluck, bring a food along that you know is “safe” for you, in case all the other selections are heavy. One time I brought a bowlful of snipped grapes (with 5-6 grapes per snipped cluster); they gotten eaten up in a hurry.  Another time I brought fresh sliced tomatoes from the garden dressed with a homemade vinaigrette. Those also were eaten right up.

 Do you have any favorite tips that helps keep you on track with your weight? Leave a comment on this blog, or email me at (vfergrd at gmail dot com).

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